Case Studies

Chiovitti Banana Company

We were approached by a mutual friend of the Owner to review a design for the addition of second floor offices and renovations to the plant. They had a building permit based were ready to proceed with construction.

Upon reviewing the design and visiting the existing facility we noted that there were numerous existing conditions that were not properly identified and we could not provide them with a total contract price.

We advised the owner that we needed to re-design the structure. It was approved as a wood structure with a steel skeleton which required a fire rating that meant that the entire area beneath the new second floor needed to be demolished. The Owner found this not acceptable since the finishes in these areas were very high end and very expensive to replace.

The Owner was impressed with our comments and asked if we would work with him on a Construction Management basis. We agreed and proceeded to meet with all Consultants to address all the problems.

We re-designed the second floor structure using a structural steel frame with an 8” Core Slab for the floor construction. The exterior walls were structural steel studs with Aluminum Curtain wall and stucco features.

We also addressed the reinforcing of the existing structure to accommodate the new addition. The design was very expensive and could not be done, as designed, due to the amount of wood construction within the area.

The Structural Engineer was instructed to take a much closer look at his design and evaluate the structural members more closely to see if they could possibly be left as they were. Upon closer analysis they discovered that the all the steel members would in fact support the new loads and the only additional structural requirement would be for twisting which was a very minor cost.

The project was completed on time and within our Budget cost.

Marina Cove Developments

We were approached by a long time friend to quote on this project.

It was the construction of a new 9,000 SF mixed use residential/commercial building in Port Credit. The Owners had been through Site Plan approval and were in the building permit review stage.

Upon reviewing these drawings we found that there were numerous inconsistencies and problems with the design and a total lack of details. We advised the Owner that we could not provide him with a fixed price since there were so many critical details missing. The company that prepared the design was not a Professional Architectural Firm but an Interior Design firm. They were not experienced in the design of a mixed use structure, and that explained all the design problems

We told them that we could build this building for a budget of 1.2 million dollars, and that we would need to address the design. We agreed that we would take on this project as Construction Managers on a Fee basis.

PCM hired a new Architect and Structural Engineer to review this design and prepare new working drawings. We worked closely with the Architect and Engineer to assist in budgeting materials and methods required to meet our Budget Unfortunately this delayed the project since we needed to go back to site Plan Approval and also re submit revisions to the Building Permit Drawings.

The original design was a stucco building. Our new design was a brick building with natural stone trims at windows and other natural stone features. To the Owner surprise our total Budget cost did not change.

Upon completion it was a very successful project for both PCM and the Owners, completed on time and below budget.

Data Card Canada.

40,000 square foot Industrial type building with a two story 20,000 square foot office component.

This building was constructed with a white precast panel surrounding the warehouse area and a mixture of white precast and blue curtain wall system in the office area.

Interprovincial Printing

32,000 square foot industrial building with 5,000 square feet of office area and 27,000 square feet of printing plant. This building was constructed of load bearing masonry with an aluminum window wall in the office area.


Peel Region

To demolish an area of 35,000 square feet and design a new custom office / administration area for The Region of Peel. We were given four weeks to complete the design and all of the construction work, ready for occupancy. PCM was successful in completing this project on time.

Salvation Army

2015 Lawrence Ave. E. Scarborough.

A) Repairs to Sanctuary Ceiling (5000 SF).

PCM provided Construction Management Services for this project. This project could not be done on a fixed contract basis since the design was to be done while construction was proceeding.

The structure which supported the finished ceiling panel system was failing. We were to assist the Architect & Structural Engineer to design an economical system to reinforce the existing structure & support the panel ceiling. This was a challenging project since we had to work with all the seating in place, a sloping floor and a 35 foot ceiling height.

B) Repairs to Building Envelope.

Water was infiltrating the building on all elevations due to improper construction of stucco and windows. Investigative work was to be conducted before design could take place so that proper details could be prepared.

The stucco was removed to expose the vapor barrier/waterproof membrane. A new membrane was installed and properly sealed around all openings and a new stucco system was installed.

C) Repairs to Mechanical Heating Risers

The mechanical risers were constructed improperly using sub standard copper, improper pipe sizing & lack of expansion loops.

Guided Investments Limited

Owner: Provence Trail Estates

PCM was retained as Construction Manager for this 58 Suite, 70,00 square foot Townhouse Project. This building was constructed of masonry bearing walls, structural steel, load bearing timber walls & wood truss roof.

This project required extensive vibration & sound isolation due to its proximity to the railroad lines.  The involvement of the Construction Manager was crucial at the design stage to ensure that the design would be cost efficient.  An analysis of construction methods & materials was undertaken at the design stage to ensure a cost effective design.

The Construction Manager was responsible for tendering and awarding all sub-contracts & liaising with the site superintendant.


Centerpoint Mall.

Owner: Revenue Properties Co. Limited

PCM was hired as Construction Managers to demolish the existing 16,000 square feet of existing Theatres and convert this area to new Retail Units. At the same time the main mall corridor area was enlarged to accommodate new Kiosk area.

There were no existing plans available for the construction of the existing Theatres. The structure was hidden by all the existing finishes, therefore, the design could not be completed until the demolition was completed.

PCM worked along with the Architect, Structural, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers to establish an economical design.

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